Youths taking a lead role in the revival of the Zimbabwean Agricultural sector.

Zimbabwean youths are slowly taking the lead in reviving the country’s Agricultural sector as they seek economic independence by working the land.

An increasing number of local youths are slowly laying claim to the country’s agricultural heritage as Zimbabwe’s structural economic transformation from traditional office jobs to informal entrepreneurship extends to the agricultural sector.

President Emmerson Mnangagwa has adopted policies to attract the youth to farming. This includes the government’s agricultural revival plan which is anchored in a programme called “Pfumvudza” which provides financial subsidies to young farmers. Zimbabwean youth are latching on this sustainable farming concept and thriving.

The Zimbabwean Farmers Union also organised a youth summit earlier this year where they discussed “breaking the barrier” that inhibits youths to realise their full potential in agricultural endeavors. The summit saw prominent scholars and key stake holders sharing ideas and listen to the issues raised by the youth.

Indigenous chicken rearing among the youth has also gained popularity as they offer a healthier organic option for local consumers and has proven to be a good business opportunity

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