Tourism and Enviroment


With climate change increasingly becoming a dominant issue around the world, the Government has joined efforts with youths around the country to raise awareness.

Late last year the Ministry of Environment, Climate, Tourism and Hospitality Industry carried out a series of workshops to reach and engage the youth. This is part of the implementation of its National Climate Change Learning Strategy (NCCLS).

The workshops which ran from 31 November 2020 to 19 December 2020 were also aided by the African Youth Initiative on Climate Change (AYICC).

Elizabeth Gulugulu, Projects Manager for the AYICC said young people should be given a platform to participate in climate change decision making.

“We are calling for the mainstreaming of climate change in school’s curricula to expand knowledge on adaptation and mitigation initiatives so as to empower local communities to leverage on local resources,” she said.

The Ministry of Environment, Water and Climate under the Government of Zimbabwe also initiated the country’s National Climate Change Response Strategy as part of their Vision 2030 objectives. The strategy lists ensuring the inclusion of children and youth in the policy formulation process for climate change, and in adaptation and mitigation activities.

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