ICT youth empowerment towards accelerating nation-building.

With the internet, young people have acquired a powerful tool to communicate, innovate and create self-sustaining businesses for themselves. ICT youth empowerment has become an important pillar towards facilitating nation-building.

The Ministry of Information Communication and Technology with its mission of promoting use of ICT’s believes that “…the 21st century economies are based on how countries are able to exploit the potential of ICTs and it is imperative that it establishes a vibrant ICT sector that contributes to the national economy.”

The government of Zimbabwe also launched the Information Community Technology Drive fund in 2018 to support the work of young ICT innovators. The initiative was directed towards involving multiple public and private organisations in providing youth with resources and tools to improve their employment opportunities and create businesses that generate employment for other citizens.

Local projects such as the College IT Enhancement Programme which works in collaboration with 10 Zimbabwean colleges focus on developing and managing ICT equipment and provide strategies for effective use of ICTs in the colleges.

The ministry of ICT’s vision is to transform Zimbabwe into a knowledge-based society by 2030 while its mission is to accelerate the development and application of ICTs in support of economic growth and development.

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