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Zimbabwe to begin taxing content creators and cryptocurrency transactions  

By Tadiwa Jery

The partnership agreement between Zimbabwe and Daedalus World Limited of Tortola, sees the organisation assisting the nation by providing a revenue collection service through taxing. This tax is aimed at qualifying companies that provide digital advertising, content, cloud computing, e-commerce and gambling.

According to Fin24, e-commerce, cryptocurrency transactions and content creators are among new businesses included in the recent tax bracket. The new tax revenue collection agreement will target content and digital advertising companies such as YouTube, Google, Facebook and others in addition to e-commerce entities.

“The companies offering betting, gaming and cryptocurrency services to persons and organisations within the territory of the Republic of Zimbabwe will also now be subject to taxation, with the revenue set to be collected by Daedalus World.” 

Zimbabwe could now be moving towards regulation and taxation of cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum and other digital currencies, joining South Africa that already taxes such transactions.

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