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By Staff Reporter

The developmental projects currently going on in Victoria Falls have been hailed as a conduit in the development of the resort area, which was recently awarded city status.

Among these developments is the hydro-power generation project for the resort town which has been welcomed to ease power shortages. 

Stakeholders in the tourism sector say the developments will compliment Zimbabwe’s economic growth and the recovery plan of the tourism sector which was battered by the COVID-19 pandemic in the last two years.

Speaking to journalists Elisabeth Curiger, a tourism executive had this to say,

“We do need electricity. The population is growing and maybe it will then overtake the coal mines producing electricity. Coal has much more impact on the pollution. The hydro-electric system has less impact on the environment. So, it’s a good project in that case.”

Andrew Lane, a property developer, weighed in. 

“Growth and development are important and I think we are going the right direction making a sustainable city that keeps growing and develops our industry. The growth and development are important for us.”

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