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The government says it is working on giving stiffer penalties to drug peddlers, as it positions itself to uproot the scourge that has destroyed lives and has become a menace to society.

According to a position presented by the  Inter-ministerial Taskforce on Drugs at the  National Youth  Day celebrations, organised syndicates pushing drugs among vulnerable youths and creating the atmosphere for substance abuse must face the full wrath of the law.

Professor Paul Mavima, the Chairperson of the Inter-ministerial Taskforce on Drugs said authorities are racing to review the Dangerous  Drug Act which will come with stiffer penalties for offenders.

He said “The task force has made several recommendations including stiffer penalties for offenders. Those who provide our youth with drugs should rot in jail.”

Honorable Mavhima said drug pushers are not only turning youths into social delinquents but are increasing  cases  of sexually transmitted diseases.

“We have witnessed a spike in STIs including  HIV  cases among the youths which could be attributed to the abuse of drugs. Such kind of behaviour reflects badly on the country,” said Senator Oliver Chidawu, Minister of State for Provincial Affairs and Devolution in Harare Metropolitan Province, who also graced the occasion.

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