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As Zimbabweans across the country continue to use their knowledge, skills and expertise in innovative ways, a young Zimbabwean car manufacturer has released the country’s first locally manufactured vehicle.

Tatenda Mungofa, the CEO of Mureza Auto Co, says his vision is to become the leading car manufacturer in Africa.

Mungofa released the first batch of 100 units of the MUREZA PRIM8 last year in both Zimbabwe and South Africa and now is set to release an even bigger fleet.

The low-cost vehicle costs US$ 13 000 and can be pre-ordered after paying a US$3 000 deposit.

Describing the car Mungofa said it is a safe car that meets the local and international standards of safety, functionality and durability.

Mureza Auto has also joined forces with their partners to form Mureza distribution, which will oversee the distribution of the vehicles all over Africa.

Apart from Mungofa, there is another Zimbabwean engineer, Pasi William Sachiti who is working on building driverless cars in Europe.

Sachiti has an organization called the Academy of Robotics which is working on bringing the driverless car to reality.

Young engineers who benefited from the government’s Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) initiative, continue to shine both locally and around the world. They are paving way for a developed Zimbabwe with a world class economy.

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