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Zimbabwe is blessed with youths that are educated, innovative and have great potential, but more collaborations are needed to bring out their best.

Most successful young entrepreneurs who rise in developed nations do not do so alone, they share ideas and partner in various projects.

With Zimbabwe’s over 90% literacy rate, and an emerging crop of entrepreneurs, innovation hubs across the country are the key to harnessing this potential for the development of the nation.

Loosely defined, an innovation hub is a place which provides spaces for young people to nurture new ideas.

In Zimbabwe, particularly in Harare and Bulawayo, a shift is happening. Innovation hubs are beginning to emerge and they are creating platforms where experts in various fields share information.

The Government has also facilitated the establishment of hubs in six of the country’s top universities including The University of Zimbabwe, National University of Science and Technology (NUST) and the Midlands State University MSU, among others.

The hubs provide platforms for youth centered development and creativity in business. This gives the youth a space to nurture these ideas for the benefit of the economy and nation. 

Contrary to the old set up of universities churning  out incapacitated learners, the beneficiaries of hubs are equipped with a wealth of knowledge particularly in job creation.

Alphavision spoke to the programs director of the eight2five innovation hub, Pedzisai Chimbwanda who said one of the mandates of his organisation is to fill any knowledge gaps through contemporary training methods.

Eight2five innovation hub is powered by old Mutual and aims to stimulate productivity among entrepreneurs.

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