Ministry of ICT, the inefficient powerhouse.

The sheer irony that is at play when it comes to Zimbabwe’s Ministry of ICT’s online presence is inconceivable and there is urgent need for improval.

A couple of weeks ago, we visited the Ministry’s website, facebook page and twitter to find out what the Ministry was up to.

Its online activity is close to non-existant. The website is now ”under construction” and before that activity was in 2020 after the first wave of COVID-19. Facebook was last updated in June 2021, we couldn’t find them on instagram. On twitter, their last tweet was in November 2021.

Wanting to get their side of the story, we made contact. We called the Ministry and a vibrant lady answered the phone. After a short conversation, she gave us a number to call, someone who could answer our questions. 

The questions posed were simple really, what is the Ministry currently working on and why they had no current online presence.

The contact given said they will talk to the guys responsible for the ministry’s online presence and sort it out, a statement a number of Zimbabweans are used to.

Anyway, this source requested we send an email. The email was sent:

Us: “Hello,

Continuing from our conversation, I have one question to ask which might lead to follow up questions.

What is the Ministry of ICT working on now?

Looking forward to your response.


Them: “Will forward to the authorities since its our norma (sic) that the accounting officer speaks or authorised the information communicated outside the ministry.  I will come back to you after consultations” 

Which was promptly responded:

Us: “Noted with thanks. How long does that usually take?”

It was unanswered, to date.

This is no surprise when it comes to dealing with parastatals and ministries in the country. People actually expect it and that is a shame to say the least. How can the nation advance when there is no effective communication and will power for excellence for the simplest of things such as updated online presence but, there is room for improvement and we hope to see it surpass our expectations.

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