Zim’s involvement in the AGRF for food security 

The advent of COVID-19 has left countries reeling. Africa’s food security has been threatened and the need for a remedy is vital. The annual AGRF (African Green Revolution Forum) summit’s them was “Grow. Nourish. Reward. Bold Actions for Resilient Food Systems”. This forum’s aim is to move Africa’s agriculture forward.

President Emmerson Mnangagwa attended the summit in support of its drive, which according to its website is to unleash the full potential of Africa’s millions of smallholder farmers and their families who earn their livelihoods from small-scale farms and provide about 80% of the food and agricultural products consumed across the continent. 

The AGRF recognises that Africa is rising, with signs of prosperity and progress in the lives of millions of individuals and entire economies.

Africa still needs to move from food shortage to surplus, drive beneficial continental trade, and create millions of jobs and opportunities, particularly for women and youth.

Business and progress as usual are not enough for these aspirations, so the Forum looks at how stakeholders can do more and do it more successful.

Zimbabwe’s involvement in this initiative needs government support to transform the nation’s food system.

Revolving funds for farmers should be established along with inputs and know-how of best agriculture practices. The aim should be to build sustainable, profitable and productive agriculture ecosystems through schemes like sustainable irrigation systems, encouraging growth of drought resistance crops, appropriate crops and livestock for farming regions, just to mention a few. 

Youth involvement in this drive will revolutionise the sector as they are agile, energetic, innovative, quick to adapt and tech savvy.

Leveraging on programs like these will ensure a sustainable food system in Zimbabwe that will ensure food security. 

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