Counselling via WhatsApp

The world celebrated mental health day on the 10th of this month. Social media was awash with hashtags to do with acknowledging the importance of a healthy mind. A Zimbabwean registered NGO called Friendship Bench has been helping numerous Zimbabweans address mental health issues in a sustainable way.

The Friendship Bench provides community based psychological interventions in a way that is easily accessible to the public. Those in need of their services can contact them via WhatsApp and be linked to a psychologist they can talk to discreetly.

Anyone who needs online mental health and psychological support can make a booking over WhatsApp. This is one of the easy access tools they have to provide help to those in need of it. All their sessions are free, anonymous, confidential and offered in English, Shona and Ndebele.

Their WhatsApp contact number is +263 784 845 294 and one can send a message with an opening “I need to talk…”

In addition, service is brilliant as anyone can get psychological support from anywhere. It can be in the comfort of your home, in a kombi, cab or anywhere one chooses. All that is needed is access to WhatsApp which a lot of Zimbabweans have.

Therefore, it is ideal to guard our mental health at all costs. Doing so may include removing yourself from stressful situations if possible, taking time to rest, relax, recuperate and recharge. The importance of taking care of yourself cannot be overemphasized because taking care of others is futile if the carer is not in the right frame of mind.

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