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RBZ Collateral Registry’s potential to transform borrowing and lending.

The Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe has a feature which might not be known by some people, the collateral registry, which is a publicly available registry of movable assets tendered to secure loans.

It can provide financial inclusion of those who qualify to be part of this registry. It aims to refine the access to finance for those in need of it from lending institutions. It is expected that the use of this by borrowers and lenders will boost production and aid in improving financial services provided by lenders.

According to the RBZ website, “the Registry system can be accessed online to conduct searches and/or register security/collateral” and its objectives include:

“Providing a mechanism for efficient registration of security interests in movable property and realisation of such interests in the event of a default, creation and perfection of movable security interests, providing a platform to notify parties about the existence of a security interest in movable property, and establishing the priority of creditors vis-a-vis third parties.”

Types of these movable assets include agricultural products, industrial and commercial equipment, durable consumer goods and household items, gold coins, bank accounts, oil and gas patents and the list goes on.

For borrowers this will increase their access to credit which, in our current economic situation, is much needed. For new and upcoming entrepreneurs who have movable assets, this system has the massive potential to propel them forward and ensure their financial inclusion amongst peers in their respective business niche areas.

This is the kind of help the youth need to start and grow their businesses. This, coupled with the right business plan, mentorship and advice, can help numerous youths alleviate poverty, not only for themselves but for their families and communities. For more extensive information, visit the Collateral Registry System (

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