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Zimbabwe’s new school curriculum for development

Zimbabwe’s education system has changed. The shift from being mostly theoretical to practical is evident. Since independence, education focused on teaching, research and community engagement. Nonetheless, this changed a couple of years ago. Challenges birth solutions and Zimbabwe is birthing solutions. The new curriculum is churning out solutions for the nation. Innovation is bringing these solutions.

A shift from the old curriculum to boost innovation.

Consequently, the education system in Zimbabwe is changing. They call it education 5.0. This focuses on problem solving and value creation. Something Zimbabwe is in need of.

Additionally, the old curriculum was heavy on theory. The new curriculum focuses on innovation and industrialisation. According to Zimbabwe’s Minister of Education, the new curriculum will lead to production. This will be production of goods and services. Furthermore, the nation is going through a tumultuous time. Production is low. Innovation is also low. Industries are struggling.

However, this new trajectory will see improvement. The old curriculum focused on creating a worker. The new one is focusing on creating an employer. Job creation is low, and this will create employment. Not just any employment but useful too. Undoubtedly, this is something the nation needs. Innovation is needed to change this.

It should be noted that innovation, industrialisation and production are paramount in Zimbabwe. New production companies are on the rise. This creates employment and improves livelihoods.

In addition to this, the new curriculum is birthing innovation hubs. The government is working with universities on this. So far, some patents from these hubs have led to new businesses. Further, the Marula processing plant at Rutenga in Mwenezi is up and running. Also, the production of medical and industrial oxygen at a plant in Mutare is operational. Both are products of innovation hubs.

Evidently, this new curriculum is showing results. Students are giving solutions to challenges. Especially employment right now.

Execution of the new curriculum

This execution drive is commendable. There is need for all hands on deck. Not only from the government but everyone. Investors have an opportunity to gain huge ROI. This is attainable if executing this initiative is deliberate. Zimbabwe’s education system is shifting for the better. Investor involvement will accelerate this.

Students, teachers, government and stakeholders need to make this work. This is an opportunity to see Zimbabwe back on the proverbial map. Not only in Africa but globally. Hence, the need for quick intervention. The government is not able to do this alone. The communities as well play a crucial role. They can rally behind this beneficial development.

Additionally, there is need for support to universities. It can be from the government and even corporations. Help is needed to carry this project to self-sustenance. It is the formative stages that need the most support. Once this is done, growth is inevitable.

Along with this, funding to take these innovations commercially is ideal. A commercial market will ensure viability of production. Not only for the Zimbabwean market but the region and global. Zimbabwe’s education system can and should make this happen.

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