KidzCan: The champion against paediatric cancer in Zimbabwe

Children are supposed to play and enjoy life. They are usually the life of any gathering. When they get sick, it feels like a cloud has settled. Additionally, children with cancer need proper care. In Zimbabwe, there is an organisation for this. KidzCan is a charity organisation in Zimbabwe that helps with this. They ensure that children with cancer get support. It focuses on early diagnosis and treatment of cancer. It is currently the only organisation that does that in the nation. This organisation gives children with cancer an opportunity to enjoy life.

KidzCan organisation for cancer

Furthermore, this organisation also helps families of these children. KidzCan provides chemotherapy and other related drugs. They also provide blood products and prosthetics. This clinical care is important in the fight against cancer. In addition, to have such an organisation for kids is commendable. In Zimbabwe, healthcare needs improvement. Hospitals are ill-equipped. Healthcare workers are few. A number of them are leaving Zimbabwe for better opportunities. So, to have a team dedicate their time in such an environment is a blessing.

Moreso, KidzCan offers psychosocial support and case management. They also conduct fundraising activities and events. With psychosocial support, they hold structured plays. This is with the cancer patients four times a week. Moreover, a clown comes over twice a week. This is just some of the psychosocial support they provide. They also conduct weekly follow ups on children who miss their review dates.

KidzCan supporters

Importantly, KidzCan is backed by a number of supporters. Donors, helpers and doctors lend a hand or resources to them. Corporations like Delta Corporation, Husqvarna, Old Mutual and Toyota donate to fight against paediatric cancer. Their involvement makes it possible for KidzCan to perform their duties.

Likewise, Delta and KidzCan partner up to bring water to communities. KidzCan believes that water is essential in the fight against cancer. Delta uses water as the main ingredient in their products. This partnership is powerful as they both believe in the importance of water for people.

Additionally, other donations come externally. They are also from individual donations, fundraising events, grants and gifts in kind. The majority of these donations come from grants. Followed by fundraising events, external donations, individual donations, from corporates and in kind. However, KidzCan still calls on other members of the community to donate to have a wider reach. This is so because early detection helps save children’s lives. With that being said, KidzCan makes early detection possible.

In summation, KidzCan’s role in the fight against paediatric cancer increases life expectancy. Children are vibrant and the future of any society. Any move to ensure their safety is welcome. Additionally, this is important as the GFF is on a drive to improve child healthcare. Active involvement by KidzCan is in line with this vision.

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