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Impact of Women in Project Management for Success in Business

Women in business are taking a stand in proving how savvy they are. “Musha mukadzi,” is an old Shona saying that expresses that women are the ones that bring stability in a home. Now, using the same phrase is befitting in business as the same concept can easily apply. Women are making waves in their respective business sectors. Moreover, the rest of the business community is acknowledging this, making this success even sweeter. In project management, women prove to be worthy. Moreso, they carry their weight and often exceed expectations.

Women in business deserve recognition

The surge in supporting women in business by the Government has been visible in our nation. In return, most women have proven that they are dedicated towards shaping the country we all call home. Additionally, women are known to be devoted to what they put their minds to. This devotion in business can only mean prosperity. Women are tenacious and are quick to learn new traits, as long as they are intentional about it. Furthermore, these qualities are important in running a business. They showcase one’s talent and skills needed for the growth of a business.

Furthermore, women are thriving in the mining and agriculture industry. Additionally, this is both in the private and the public sector. Giving them credit inspires more females to be more proactive in building the nation. Recognition by relevant boards and authorities boosts their confidence. This, in turn, encourages them to do more and inspire young girls and other women.  Women in business are a beacon of hope for the younger generation. Moreso, they are an example for the girl child on how they can accomplish whatever she wants.

CIPMZ Women in Project Management Awards 2022

Last year the Chartered Institute of Project Managers in Zimbabwe (CIPMZ), hosted the Women in Project Management Awards ceremony held at a local hotel in Harare. During the meeting, the guest of honour Dr Sithembiso Nyoni mentioned every woman has a right to equal opportunities. Gender equality is ideal in business with project management benefitting too. Additionally, the aim is to ensure women perform at par with men. This highlights how women in business are forging their own path in gender equality. They are taking a stand to get recognition in their line of work.

Furthermore, project management means the process of leading a team to hit goals or complete tasks within a set timeframe. The goal is to deliver work successfully within the constraints of time, scope and budget. This definition makes every one of us a project manager be it at work, at home in the community, or on the national level, when we lead a team to achieve certain goals within a certain resource or time limitations. Women in business working as project managers need to lead their teams under such conditions.

After clarifying that most women already practice project management in their homes, quickening them to be bolder in taking up tasks that will direct our nation towards attaining an upper-middle income economy by 2030 will speed up the process of building our nation. A nation that champions women in business.

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