Corruption in Zimbabwe: Importance of reporting it

The Zimbabwe Anti-Corruption Commission’s work is not favourable in the public and media arena. Additionally, this is because of its inability to provide a solution to the corruption that exists within our borders.

Also, its launch to operate independently is under scrutiny by some. It seems like there is a spanner in the big machine, making it inefficient.

Is it that the wrong people are presiding over the institution? or maybe Zimbabwe is a lost cause?

Moreover, Dr Kweku Opoku-Agyemang, a UC Berkeley postdoctoral research fellow, conducted a study of the effects of increasing salaries for police officers to curb bribery under the 2010 government initiative in Ghana.

The experiment showed that contrary to the researchers’ expectations, corruption actually worsened in Ghana. 

So, in Zimbabwe, chances are high that increasing corrupt employees’ salaries would not be a solution.

Early this year Zimbabweans made a lot of noise on Twitter. This was regarding a company that won a tender to supply laptops. For one hundred and seventy-three (173) laptops at 9 200 United States dollars per laptop, in September 2022. The clerk of parliament was arrested over the tender scandal.

Reporting corruption

Moreso, the recent Al Jazeera documentary series, which created an uproar also surprised most Zimbabweans. This is regarding how the government responded to it. Some of the people in the documentary are currently facing lawsuits.

Wicknell Chivayo is another indication of how Zimbabwe is making progress towards shaking the corrupt system. Authorities and the public are keeping an eye on him after he appeared in court.

Furthermore, the government has given hope that it listens to the outcry of citizens when it comes to corruption. 

The President said will not rescue any individual who uses his name to get a greenlight to be corrupt. 

What if we all unite against corruption. Finally, we should report corrupt officers and make a stand collectively until each corrupt person is made an example of.

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