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Completion of Chivhu Dam: How the community benefits.

An irrigation scheme in Chivhu will improve lives of beneficiaries. This will be possible because of the just commissioned Chivhu dam. Its commissioning means a turnaround of the community it serves. The dam was commissioned ten days ago to the joy of the surrounding community. Additionally, the scheme beneficiaries are getting help for a successful harvest. The Agriculture and Rural Develpment Authority (ARDA) and the Agriculture Finance Corporation (AFC) are key player in this soon to be success story.

ARDA is providing technical support and AFC is giving the beneficiaries funding. These resources are currently for wheat production. Of the available 120ha, 105ha have wheat which is at its early stage. Moreso, these beneficiaries are under a registered company called Chivhu Irrigation Scheme Private Limited. 60 families will benefit from the formation of this company, and the current wheat production.

Chivhu dam commissioning: Irrigation scheme and economic development

Additionally, the irrigation scheme is part of the developments to improve the province’s economy. Apart from it, the dam can tap into the tourism potential it can offer. Agrotourism and water tourism has the potential to improve the province’s GDP. Also, with regards to agrotourism, beneficiaries of the irrigation scheme can invite tourists to view and take part of the agriculture activities they do daily. Moreso, they can engage into other agricultural activities that can entice visitors such as farm stays, pick your own and even hosting events.

Further, water tourism can boost economic empowerment as an addition to the irrigation scheme. Water based activities in Zimbabwe has been hugely localised in Victoria Falls and Kariba. However, the construction of dams across the country is an opportunity for other provinces to provide similar services. Some of the activities are swimming, fishing and boating. Sightseeing and educational tours across the dam is another way to boost tourism in this area.

The construction of the dam will open up the community to a number of money generating activities. It will also attract more residents as this development will entice home seekers to want to stay in a developing area. This is a win for the community and the province at large. Also, this means that the nation benefits as well. What is more is that such developments are happening in different provinces as well. Adding these together shows that Zimbabwe is on an upward trajectory. It may be slow but there is movement. Chivhu dam has the potential to provide this and more for surrounding communities.

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