Politics and Being Proudly Zimbabwean

Zimbabwe is a deeply political country with citizens being either partisan or patriotic. However, one can be both partisan and patriotic. With elections less than two weeks away, Zimbabweans will show how they fare on this scale. Is it at equilibrium or one side is heavier than the other? Tackling these two can shed more light on the political situation in Zimbabwe and how candidates fare.

Moreover, being partisan and being patriotic are two different concepts that relate to one’s loyalty and involvement in a country. Here’s an explanation of the difference between the two:

Partisanship refers to the strong support or allegiance to a particular political party, group, or ideology. When someone is partisan, they are deeply committed to the interests and goals of a specific political party or faction. Partisanship often involves advocating for and promoting the policies, candidates, and agenda of that party.

Additionally, sometimes to the exclusion or detriment of other parties or groups. Also, partisanship can lead to bias or one-sided perspective. This is so as individuals may prioritize the success of the party they choose over the broader interests of the country. With Zimbabwe’s political situation, citizens can come off as more partisan.

Political Situation in Zimbabwe and patriotism

However, patriotism, on the other hand, is a sense of love, loyalty, and devotion to one’s country. It involves a deep attachment and pride in the nation, its history, culture, and values. Above that, patriotic individuals show commitment towards the well-being and progress of their country as a whole.

Rather than solely focusing on the interests of a particular political party or group. Furthermore, patriotism often includes a willingness to serve and contribute to the betterment of the country, such as through civic engagement, community service, or defending national interests. Zimbabweans are slowly changing the trajectory of the political situation in Zimbabwe and leaning towards patriotism.

In the context of Zimbabwe, being partisan means aligning oneself strongly with a specific political party in the country. It also involves advocating for its interests and supporting its candidates and policies. On the other hand, being patriotic in Zimbabwe can involve a deep love and loyalty to the nation as a whole. Another characteristic in the Zimbabwe context entails working towards its progress. It is also upholding its values and principles.

It is important to note that while partisanship and patriotism can coexist, they are not synonymous. One can be both partisan and patriotic. However, it is also possible to be patriotic without being overly partisan or to prioritise the interests of the country over party affiliations. Citizens are embracing the political situation in Zimbabwe of the coexistence of being partisan and patriotic.

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