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Government’s Efforts to Promote Zimbabwe as a Travel Destination

Zimbabwe as a travel destination, has made significant efforts to promote itself. The government has implemented various strategies and initiatives to attract tourists and boost the tourism industry in the country. Here are some highlights of the government’s efforts.

Tourism in Zimbabwe: Investment in the sector

Firstly, the government has supported capital investment in the tourism sector by providing tax incentives and duty-free status on imports for certain categories of capital goods for hotels, restaurants and safari operators. This has encouraged both local and foreign investors to invest in the development of tourism infrastructure and facilities in Zimbabwe.

Areas of investment include Victoria Falls, Kanyemba, Bulawayo, Harare among others. Additionally, there is a need for competitive infrastructure such as hotels, amusement parks, chalets, lodges and a number of tourism activities in these areas.

Wildlife Tourism for Zimbabwe as a travel destination of choice.

Secondly, Zimbabwe is renowned for its rich wildlife and safari experiences. The government has recognised the potential of wildlife tourism and has taken steps to promote it. Wildlife photo and hunting tourism have been identified as sectors with enormous growth potential. Additionally, wildlife tourism has the potential to improve the ranking of Zimbabwe as a travel destination of choice. However, the government has faced challenges in issuing trophy hunting licences due to political manoeuvring.

In Kwekwe there is a need for investment in a game and nature park. Moreover, there is a need for the revival and development of this game and nature park with lodges, a campsite and recreational area. The Park is situated about 4 km from Kwekwe CBD. This will improve Kwekwe’s local economy, improving livelihoods.

Marketing and Promotion

Thirdly, the government has actively engaged in marketing and promotion activities to attract tourists to Zimbabwe. They have participated in international travel fairs and exhibitions to showcase the country’s attractions and tourism offerings. The government has also collaborated with tourism boards and travel agencies to promote Zimbabwe as a travel destination tourists want to visit.

The Emirates airline along with the Tourism Authority of Zimbabwe, is working on a range of joint marketing efforts. These include tourism promotions, organising familiarisation trips for trade and media, among other activities. Both parties will also explore opportunities for joint advertising campaigns in key markets. Improving marketing and promotion will improve ratings of Zimbabwe as a travel destination.

Infrastructure Development

Also, to support the growth of the tourism sector, the government has invested in infrastructure development. This includes improving road networks, upgrading airports, and enhancing the overall transportation system to provide better accessibility to tourist destinations. The expansion of the Robert Mugabe International airport is playing a huge role in the increase of tourists in the country. The road rehabilitation drive is making access to tourist destinations easier for local, regional and international tourists.

International Partnerships

Finally, the government has actively sought international and regional partnerships to promote Zimbabwe as a travel destination. They have collaborated with international organisations, tourism boards, and travel agencies to conduct joint marketing campaigns and attract tourists from different countries.

The government has actively sought international partnerships to promote Zimbabwe as a travel destination. For example, Emirates has strengthened its collaboration with the Zimbabwe Tourism Authority to boost inbound tourist arrivals. This partnership involves shared marketing activities, familiarisation trips, promotional plans, and joint activities with trade partners in key markets.


Overall, the government’s efforts to promote Zimbabwe as a travel destination have focused on attracting tourists through investment in the tourism sector, marketing and promotion, infrastructure development and international partnerships. These initiatives aim to position Zimbabwe as a desirable and sustainable travel destination, showcasing its unique wildlife, cultural heritage, and natural beauty.

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