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Transforming Public Transport in Zimbabwe: AVM Unveils 120-Seater Bus Prototype.

AVM Africa (Pvt) Ltd, a company that once dominated the Zimbabwean bus market, has recently returned with a revolutionary prototype that promises to transform public transport in the nation. The company has developed a prototype 120-seater bus that could potentially revolutionise the urban transport system in Zimbabwe. This move is key in transforming public transport in Zimbabwe.

The 120-Seater Bus: A Game Changer

Additionally, the newly assembled AVM bus is designed to carry 120 passengers at once. It comprises of 20 seated and 100 standing passengers, with two exits at the front and back. The design includes ample bus hangers for the standing passengers, ensuring comfort and safety for all occupants. This is common with buses used for public transport in many countries.

This development marks a significant shift in the Zimbabwean bus market, where AVM once held a dominant position. However, the company’s return to innovation is seen as a positive move. This is to address the challenges faced by the nation’s public transport system. Also, the future will reveal whether or not ZUPCO will take part in providing public transportation with these buses.

Support from Government Officials

Also, the unveiling of the prototype took place in the presence of Industry and Commerce Minister Dr Sithembiso Nyoni and senior officials. Minister Nyoni emphasised the importance of government support for innovation. She says that it leads to the realisation of new ideas, methods and production processes, thereby accelerating economic growth. This innovative move in the public transport sector can be a stepping stone for other players to do more.

Furthermore, she also highlighted the government’s goal to import fewer goods and produce more domestically. The minister expressed hope that the advancement of the transport sector, including the introduction of locally produced buses, will contribute to this goal.

Transforming Public Transport in Zimbabwe: A Step Forward

Moreover, the launch of the 120-seater bus prototype represents a significant step forward in transforming public transport in Zimbabwe. It shows that innovation and local production are viable options for addressing the nation’s public transport needs.

The success of this project could set a precedent for other sectors of the economy. This is including manufacturing and logistics, to focus on domestic production rather than relying heavily on imports. This could lead to increased job creation, reduced costs for consumers and a stronger national economy.

In conclusion, the unveiling of the 120-seater bus prototype by AVM Africa is welcome. It is a testament to the potential of local innovation in addressing the challenges facing Zimbabwe’s public transport system. As the nation continues to seek ways to boost its economy and improve living standards, such developments should be encouraged and supported.

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