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Support for women in Agric growing

Zimbabwean women are continuing to embrace agricultural activities and are getting more support from several institutions. Among these institutions is a union for women farmers focused on food and nutrition security, WAU (Women in Agriculture Union).

It was established in September 2019 as the umbrella board for Zimbabwe women farmers. According to its website, in a space of 3 months, the union had gained membership of more than 1000 through its nationwide drive of free field schooling for female farmers and membership is still growing.

To be a part of this union, one should fill in a WAU individual membership form and submit it for free. Submission can be via email or at their offices in Milton Park, this membership has limited benefits though, with no membership number and card.

WAU offers Privilege Access Cards, which entails full membership with a membership number. This is to fundraise and support the union’s administration work. The full membership option entails the union’s support with market linkages and access facilitation, discounts for goods and services purchased from WAU partners. This is just a tip of what the union does for its full members.

These are some of the initiatives being taken by institutions to support women in Agriculture which will go a long way in helping alleviate poverty. A significant number of women have invested time and money into agriculture and are aware of the need to take it as a business. Animal husbandry, horticulture, and seasonal farming have been on an upward trend regarding uptake and women are contributing to this.

With the need for foreign currency in Zimbabwe, the move to venture into agriculture for export has accelerated as education about its benefits has been championed by institutions like ZimTrade. Agriculture is one of the economic drivers to a prosperous Zimbabwe and if women hone in their skills and tap into this industry the sky is the limit.

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