This week Zimbabweans woke up to the wonderful news that one of their own, Tyra Chikocho aka Madam Boss had won the African Social Star award for 2021.

The news brought joy and jubilation with a hint of surprise to all those who were following the nominations. How did Madam Boss triumph against all the heavyweights in Africa?

Serious question, how did she do it? Did she use some secret leverage that we are unaware of? We at Alpha Vision Zimbabwe unpack the steps she took on her journey to the award.

If you are an upcoming socialite or comedian you might want to take notes.


Madam Boss is the most consistent social media personality in Zimbabwe. Very rarely do you go on Facebook and not watch a reel or a skit of some sort from her. Imagine the countless hours of scripting, rehearsals and creative thinking it requires per week.

Social media can be discouraging, especially when you are starting and engagement is low. Tyra taught us that consistency is a huge part of success.


Over the years Madam Boss has had her fair share of controversy, some said she did not act like a married woman, others attacked her finances and at times even her words were taken out of context and used against her.

One thing to note…she never fights back. She is not into character assassination. She remains free-spirited, focused to the drive to grow her brand and make us laugh.


Isn’t it fun to watch her all glammed up, looking rich and exquisite, then the next moment she’s a housemaid in the form of Dudzai. She is everything and everyone. She even plays Beyoncé! And executed the role perfectly. Madam Boss has embraced diversity with her brand. She will never be boring or monotonous because of her diversity.


The chemistry that exists between Tyra and her fans is amazing. Not one day do you hear stories of her snubbing her fans or being disrespectful to them. She knows that power is in the people. If socialites embrace the humility and interaction that Tyra possesses, they wouldn’t need to be doing cheap popularity antics. This year, Madam Boss grew to a million followers, a feat many desire to achieve.


Just like the famous Beyoncé draws power from her Rapper-Mogul husband Jay Z, could it be the same for Madam Boss? Mhofela must be a super genius marketer. It takes more than talent to grow a fan base like that. When the call was made for voting all over Africa to begin, we all knew we had to vote for Madam Boss, they had a great campaign that caught everyone’s attention. Her team is pure genius.

At Alpha Vision Zim we love seeing Zimbabweans shine. Madam Boss, you deserved the African Social Star Award at the 2021 E! People’s choice awards.

Alpha Vision Zimbabwe together with the rest of the world will be watching the girl from Madziva shine on the 8th of December, DSTV channel 124.

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