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Winky D continues to break records, even without an official album release since 2019’s Njema. This season however, the dancehall musician has really outdone himself. His song “Happy Again” no doubt is a national and international hit with a heartwarming message.

The video is a movie telling an amazing story. Alpha Vision brings  you exclusive trivia about some of the actors and the thought process that culminated into this beautiful video.

The story starts with a Queen, played by Marie Louise Gouws, who is talking to her mother, played by Jennifer Brough.

In their conversation there is a family tradition of arranged marriages and Marie’s character is unhappy with the choice to marry a particular King from another country, she expresses her unhappiness to her mother in no uncertain terms.

Enter Winky D, he plays an ordinary manual worker who is Marie’s love interest, clearly in the peasant class and therefore, not qualifying to marry the daughter of the King.

The King is excellently played by Lloyd Fernandez, who has a hard time accepting his daughters reluctance to marry according to the King’s choice.

Marie escapes the castle to run to her lover (Winky D) and they have a secret wedding ceremony.

The video ends with the two saiIing to happiness in true romantic fashion. This revolutionary music video is a testament to Winky D’s creativity and the potential of Zimbabwean art.

The director of the music video is Shawn Ray a cinematographer based in Johannesburg South Africa who has done work for the likes of American Preacher TD Jakes.

Other actors featured in this production are Thomas Jensen, Sarah Reddy who together with Jennifer Brough have performed on several theatre productions.

Alpha Vision can exclusively reveal that Winky D’s love interest Marie Louise Gouws has the higher filmography, she performed in the award winning “The last night” movie directed by Supratik Gangully. It was nominated as a finalist for the LIFT OFF GLOBAL NETWORK SESSIONS 2020 and received 5 more awards.

Marie also stars in the Netflix: BEYOND BELIEF PARANORMAL INVESTIGATIONS series.

The Happy Again hit 4600 views and 3000 comments, only one hour after its release and it looks like Zimbabwe’s arts industry is set for interesting times, its gaffa season again!

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