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The E-Passport is here!

Zimbabweans can now say goodbye to the age old passport challenges that had become a national headache for decades.

The days of waking up at 3am to catch a long winding passport queue have come to an end and for Zimbabweans living in the diaspora it is a monumental development that brings so much relief.

Aplhavision Zim spoke to officials at the registrar general offices and they confirmed that all equipment and systems are now in place and new passports will be issued beginning as early as next week.

Government engaged Garsu Pasulis a Lithuanian company which is one of the global leaders in security printing, and will be able to create passports with unique security features, yet eliminating escalating costs of paper and redundant manual work.

The company which was established in 1994 offers its services to 46 countries around the world and manufactures credit cards, identification cards and passports among other things.

The second republic under the leadership of President Emmerson Mnangagwa has repeatedly called for innovation in solving the country’s challenges.

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