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Chilmund Chemicals: A Game Changer in Zimbabwe’s Development

Chilmund Chemicals, a leading Pan-African water treatment chemicals manufacturer, has made significant strides in improving development in Zimbabwe. Particularly in the Bindura region. The company’s vision is to be the most sustainable and reliable water treatment chemicals producer in the continent.

The company was established in 2007, initially focusing on importing Aluminium Sulphate, Sulphuric Acid, and Poly Aluminium Chloride. However, over the years, it has grown and established a state-of-the-art Aluminium Sulphate manufacturing plant in Bindura, Zimbabwe.

The Chilmund Chemicals plant, which cost US$25 million, is a major milestone in Zimbabwe’s development. It is currently producing 70 tonnes of aluminium sulphate per day, a chemical agent used for water purification. This local production not only reduces Zimbabwe’s reliance on foreign imports but also saves the country from the high costs associated with importing water treatment chemicals.

Chilmund Chemicals’ aim to improve supply of potable water in Zimbabwe.

The aluminium sulphate produced at the Bindura plant meets international quality standards. Also, the products from the plant will support the government’s quest to enhance access to clean and safe potable water. The company’s products are a cheaper option for local authorities. The authorities are battling to ensure a constant supply of clean, safe and potable water to their residents. Currently Chilmund’s clients include the City of Harare, City of Gweru, Mutare and Marondera Municipal. These are some of the local authorities the company supplies to.

Chilmund Chemicals employs 120 permanent employees and is looking forward to increasing the number to 250 soon. This growth not only contributes to the local economy but also provides a significant number of job opportunities, especially in the manufacturing sector.

In conclusion, Chilmund Chemicals’ establishment in Bindura represents a significant step towards self-reliance and sustainable development in Zimbabwe. The company’s commitment to quality, professionalism and innovation, coupled with its focus on environmental responsibility, sets a strong example for other companies in the region.

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