Young farmers in the fore front of agricultural development

By Tadiwa Jery

The Zimbabwe Young Farmers community is an agriculture development organisation which has
became more proactive under the Second Republic. Their efforts towards forwarding accelerated
economic growth in the country is continually bearing fruits following the 9th edition of the
Pacesetters Awards of 2021 at the Harare Exhibition Park (Showgrounds). 

Also known as the Federation of Young Farmers Clubs Zimbabwe (fyfcz), the organisation has held
annual award ceremonies were they acknowledge the farmers who are setting the pace in

For the past 9 years, the outstanding youths in agriculture have received credible recognition for
their persistent efforts towards excellence. As of recent, young farmers are now creating mastermind
groups and they have formed a mentors and anchors farmers club were the previous winners are
grooming the upcoming generation of farmers. 

“No farmer should be left behind”, a message that the organisation left the audience. The Zimbabwe
Young Farmers (fyfcz) is driven towards leading the path to ensure young farmers consolidating
synergies and collaborating for accelerated economic growth to achieve the Vision 2030 goal.

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